Gill Faris


Are you struggling to get the most out of your organisation’s most valuable resource – its people?

Are you embarking on a big expansion or a project that requires skills development and knowledge transfer to a small or large group?

Is  your team or department demotivated and in need of a lift in spirit to help them collaborate more effectively?

Adult Education specialist, Gill Faris, will help you transform the members of your organisation into motivated, purposeful and active change agents.

Years of research and working with top companies in the design and implementation of training programmes has helped shape Gill’s unique and innovative training methodology. Incorporating the latest in Adult Education techniques and thought, Gill delivers dynamic and tailor-made training experiences that cut to the heart of the subject matter and transforms participants into active, confident change agents.

As an Adult Education specialist, Gill’s aim is to enable all members of an organisation to purposefully engage in their activities in the pursuit of fulfilling both their personal aspirations as well as the organisation’s vision.

Bespoke Knowledge Facilitation Workshops

Pre-developed or bespoke adult education workshops for the private and public sector, helping you prioritise and distil knowledge across your organisation and stakeholder groups effectively.


  • How to design a purposeful outcome orientated seminar/workshop/presentation
  • Interactive facilitation skills
  • Organise knowledge to be applied meaningfully for different audiences and internal stakeholders

Organisational Skills Training

Action orientated and people focused organisational skills training that ensures corporate teams and business leaders enjoy the benefits of dynamic integrated teams and top notch leadership


  • Transformative leadership skills
  • From Apathy to Action
  • From irritation to irreplaceable
  • Change management

Workplace Wellness Courses

Workplace Wellness and team building sessions with laughter and fun that build a sense of community.


  • Laughter Workshop (Based on Laughter Yoga principles)
  • Stress management


Mignon Hardie, Executive Director and Trustee, FunDza

FunDza’s strategy workshop on Saturday 9 April would not have provided us with the purposeful and considered conversations we had without your intervention.

Zimkhitha Mlanzeli, Fanz Editor, FunDza

I loved it. Absolutely love it. It wasn’t as threatening as I thought it would be (strategy meetings always are, especially if you arrive late). Gill was amazing and in control of the space; that made me feel comfortable to speak my thoughts.

Andrew Weeks, Former Trustee, FunDza

I thought Gill had a light but deft touch, which is what skilful facilitation needs (in my book). Everyone seemed very at ease.

Stefanie Viljoen, Health and Safety Legal Specialist

My subject matter [health and safety law] is very interesting [to me] but I have to admit that most people find it quite boring… sometimes even sleeping boring. In Gillian’s workshop I learned that it does not need to be sleepy boring.

Mimi Pienaar, Head Practice Management, Masthead

Thank you very much for the series of facilitation workshops you facilitated during the month of August 2015. The kick-off was designing a workshop in a way that supports facilitation and adult learning rather than our typical

Gabriella Garnett, Human Resources Practitioner

Gill is a natural and gifted facilitator and her course on workshop design was invaluable to me. Even though I have had training design and facilitation experience, Gill’s course helped me realise to a new level just how powerful

Ruth Cornick, Head, Development Team, Knowledge Translation Unit of the University of Cape Town Lung Institute

I worked with Gill for 10 years developing what has grown to be an exciting health systems project that is changing the face of primary care. Her compassion, dedication, sense of humour and facilitation skills enriched

Christy-Joy Ras, Master Trainer

I attended a course Gill ran on designing adult learning, and it was very enlightening and empowering both professionally and personally. Gill is a very skilled facilitator with life experience that bolsters her training with


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