FunDza’s strategy workshop on Saturday 9 April would not have provided us with the purposeful and considered conversations we had without your intervention. Thank you for holding the space for us to talk and share, and for allowing everyone in the group to have a strong voice and to feel safe enough to open up.

I greatly appreciate the way you brought creativity and fun into the workshop environment. You were able – with humour and compassion – to help us to navigate outside of this in terms of our thinking and conversations. The exercises were particularly helpful in levelling the playing field of hierarchies and histories, and in allowing us to play a little bit and get in touch with our creative selves. This definitely opened us up to broadening the way we were able to imagine where we may want to be in five or 10 years time.

Thank you too for thinking of exercises that would be particularly relevant to us as an organisation. Ending with the creation of the poems was inspired and certainly made us realise how – out of messy chaos and the private thoughts of individuals – we were able to collaborate together to  create beauty and meaning.

This comes with much appreciation from all at FunDza

Mignon Hardie, Executive Director and Trustee, FunDza